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Production equipment

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  • The global electronics industry is caught in a melee, but there is no "change"

    It is undeniable that the global electronic information industry has developed well in recent years. According to relevant data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, since 2016, the gradual recovery of many electronic markets and the rapid growth of emerging economies have laid the foundation for the sustainable development of the global electronic information industry.

  • New short and robust industrial connectors

    The new 423 series M16 product is introduced in a new small size version. Excellent performance in small spaces and harsh and severe application environments. Thread locking, with shielding ring, meets IP67 requirements when mating, suitable for typical interference-prone industrial environments.

  • Xiyu Electric Train Quick Socket Connector

    Based on the quick access system, the distribution box of the power distribution cabinet at one end of the user side is connected with the generator car, connecting cables, through the quick access unit MC or HQC series connectors, sockets, and calipers to form a closed system. The access device is installed on the user side. When emergency power supply is ensured, the generator car is driven to the site and quickly connected to the generator car quick access device through the quick access unit interface, which can quickly ensure power supply, not only improving efficiency , It also reduces the work intensity of relevant personnel, improves the reliability of power supply, and will get a wide range of products in the future.


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