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  • How to wire the terminals

    Remove 6-8 mm of insulation from the wire, then insert the exposed wire into the terminal, tighten the screw at the end with a screwdriver, and then pull it by hand to confirm that the wire and the terminal are firmly engaged, then Press the switch, when the terminal wiring is lit, it means that the terminal wiring has been completed.

  • Share a few recommended inverter anti-interference tips for your collection

    With the continuous development of power electronic technology, variable frequency speed regulation has become the mainstream way of AC motor speed regulation. Frequency converter (hereinafter referred to as -VFD) is widely used in industrial and civil control fields due to its excellent speed regulation performance and significant energy saving effect.

  • Can the equipotential terminal of the family bathroom be left unconnected? Why? How to pick up? Check out these!

    Now all of us are more and more aware of this electricity consumption. In addition, since there are always problems with the near-electric water heater, everyone pays special attention to the electricity consumption of the bathroom. Just like the local equipotentiality of the bathroom, a few years ago, they did not pay attention to it at all. Now more and more friends are paying attention to the importance of non-equipotentiality in this bathroom. Now a friend asks such a question: Can the local equipotential terminal in the bathroom be disconnected? Local equipotentiality in toilet


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